Except balcony and French railings, we offer guard rails entirely made of stainless steel that are dedicated mainly to stairs. It is not strictly determined where they are to be used as these are suitable for both indoors, for example for staircase, and outdoors as a guard rail at the entrance to a house or at the back of a terrace. Their purpose depends mainly on customers’ preferences; we can also design them for balconies to replace our basic models.

Each of our guard rails is made carefully with application of high-quality stainless steel; such guard rails are also powder coated. Choose between square or round tubes. You can also decide how many filling tubes are more suitable, 4 or 5.

In this case, customers also can choose colours as part of basic or extended offer.

In a standard version, we have chosen the most popular colours from RAL palette, for which several options of a finish (matt, gloss, or fine structure) can be applied. However in case of more demanding customers, we have arranged six tones that imitate wood as an excellent alternative to wooden elements without giving up natural effect.

A modern guard rail is an ideal way to refresh your interior!

We do have to remember that nowadays internal railings not only do serve as a separation and security of a stair or a balcony area from other parts of a house or premises, but above all, they also represent a very important element of decoration, which fits into a particular interior design or style of the entire building.