Due to use of high-quality materials, i.e. stainless steel and aluminium, and provision of professional services, our modern aluminium fences ensure long-term and completely trouble-free operation. On the other hand, thermosetting powder coating guarantees high resistance to various weather conditions and to UV radiation; due to those, selected colour and its structure remains intact for many years.

Fello aluminium fences do not require any maintenance; there is no need for impregnation and re-painting which is more than can be said for fences made of wood or galvanized black steel. This brings a considerable advantage over manufacturers of fences made of low-quality materials. We care about satisfaction of customers who choose our products as we want them to be satisfied for years.

As a manufacturer, we process orders on our own from scratch, and as we run our own powder paint shop, delivery dates have been considerably reduced and costs have been minimised. It ensures that all the details are refined and, what is even more important, time and money are saved; these factors positively translate into final prices of products.

We accept orders for both entire fences and individual elements in small and large quantities.

Our basic offer includes a sliding gate, leaf gate, wicket and wicket accessories, a handrail – decorative handle – and hinge covers which positively affect aesthetics of the finish, span, and fence post. A multimedia post with a built-in letterbox and house number is also very popular.

Finally, a team of professionals will do their best to proceed with installation in the shortest possible time avoiding additional problems and difficulties.

Palisade fences make a simple and quick solution for everyone.

Choose high-quality aluminium fence and transform your surroundings!

Wood imitation fence is very popular. A number of customers select this solution because of their experience with wood which is impractical and needs a lot of effort; and yet after just few years, its condition leaves a lot to be desired and should be replaced. To avoid additional costs and worries, you need to opt for better solutions.