As part of our basic offer we do not provide foundations for the fence; however to provide customers with modern solutions we offer steel fence posts.

These are an ideal option if you are looking for an idea to make a fence without a foundation or provide a replacement for stone blocks.

Specification of Fello fence posts:

  • a stainless steel post,
  • powder coating – any RAL colour,
  • cut to expected length,
  • blinds to be selected:
    • plastic – black;
    • made of stainless steel – Ral colour;
  • potential concreting or bolting by means of special fastenings,
  • three dimensions to be selected:
    • 50x50x2
    • 80x80x2
    • 100x100x2
    • non-standard dimension on request

It is high quality stainless steel, fully protected by powder coating, which guarantees long-term resistance to external factors.

Posts do not require re-painting, do not rust, its paint does not go off and does not need to be maintained.

If you decide to order an entire set, the posts will be delivered earlier and after preparation of the relevant area and its concreting, installation of the filling will be carried out.