Fencing wicket

Fencing wicket, gate, entrance gate, wicket, it’s all the time the  most important element of each fence that significantly  affects operations of a fence. Most often it is ordered along  with the gate; it allows to enter property without having to  open the gate.

What do you need to know about Fello’s wicket?

Basically, stainless steel (structure) and aluminium (filling) are  used in our gates. Dimensions are compatible with individual  requirements as we do not insist on standard solutions. We  do the manufacturing process from scratch, which gives us  opportunity to arrange also non-standard orders.

Final dimensions of a wicket work foundation or setting up concrete fence posts.
We are offering several models of wickets, each of them can be equipped with an electro-lock on your request.

As elements that improve aesthetics and enrich visual part of a gate we offer hinge back bands (mounted to the posts from outer part of a fence) – of the same colour as the frame – and a handrail made of stainless steel. It is used instead of a handle or knob; then all that you need to provide is a signboard. A handrail is mounted on one or both sides of the wicket, usually at full height.

Obviously, door knocker is very popular. Customers can choose between a square or a round profile. They are painted, entirely of the colour of your choice, along with stainless steel inserts from the top and bottom or they are totally unpainted, finished through grinding.

Wicket can be made as per two following models:

  • basic – a solid structure  that  will be  entirely visible  from the front;
  • modern – U-shaped structure; its upper beam is hidden on internal side of the wicket and it is invisible from the front.

We offer wickets as of the same type as gate and span types, so that these form a perfect combination.

We  paint in Ral colours  and  provide wood effect.

Powder coating on Fello wickets:

  • Ral palette – single-colour application;  colours freely blended;
  • wood imitation – only  filling itself – Ral colours are always applied on frames;
  • a tone of wood imitation – a single or double rails are painted to imitate wood ; all other rails are painted in Ral colours.

All our products are designed for self-assembly

Following  models are available:

The filling is made of  horizontal aluminium  profile 100×25.
Gaps are approx. 7.00cm – 10.00cm.
An economic model, makes a subtle boundary between the property  and its surroundings. It is for those who look for lightweight solutions  opened to the space around them. Finishings include  basic Ral colours  and wood imitation effect ; also as a mixed option .
It fits  Classic 4 and  Classic 5 rails.

The filling is made of  horizontal aluminium  profile 100×25.
Gaps are approx. 1.50cm – 3.00cm.
It is a solution for persons looking for a modern fence,  not necessarily with an option to totally isolate  themselves from their surroundings. This model looks very impressive, and when painted with  wood imitation  it becomes classic  and blends well  with the landscape . It is a perfect finish for any house.
It could be associated with  Classic 7 rails.

The filling is made of  horizontal aluminium 200×20  profile.
Gaps are approx. 1.50cm – 3.00cm.
Do you value your privacy  and peace of mind? Then  we have got a solution for you. Robust, wide profiles make a solid finish  and  a specific boundary of a plot;  at the same time these ensure a good appearance. Most often,  dark colours are selected  as they blend  well with modern buildings.
It is arranged  in imitation of Solid rail..

The filling is made of  horizontal aluminium 80×20  profile.
The rails are positioned at a slant, which gives a shutter finish without any clearance.
It is a total novelty; the model introduced this year makes a response to many customer enquiries. It makes an interesting  boundary and it is not as stringent  as Solid model,  yet it allows  to delineate your private space by limiting visibility for the outsiders to zero.
We also offer a rail and a partition as part of the same model.

The filling is made of vertical aluminium 40×40 profile.
Gaps are approx. 4.00cm.
It is a model for the followers of non-standard solutions. This is the only model in the entire range of Fello fences that ensures vertical filling. It makes a light and  pleasing surround for the eye. We guarantee  it  will not go unnoticed.
It is suggested for Prestige rail.

A minimum pre-fill according to the client’s design is applied to this solution.
Have you got a vision of your fence? Now you are given an opportunity to place an order as per your individual design. Then be creative  and provide us with your idea. If nothing is preventing the plan from being carried out, we will gain some new experiences ????
We are able to design as per e.g. Multi rail model.

As manufacturers, we use only high-quality products so that customers can enjoy many years of trouble-free use of our fences.

We have arranged an exhibition of several elements of the fence;  you are invited to visit us.