To add variety and a touch of originality to Fello fences, we have introduced an addition in the form of a wide pole thus it is guaranteed that your fence will stand out from the crowd.
Multimedia post combines few elements which should necessarily be included in a modern fence, but which can sometimes become forgotten and not included in the initial design. We mean of course an intercom or a bell, a letterbox and even a house number.

Technical specification of Fello multimedia pole:

  • it is made of a combination of stainless steel and aluminium
  • it is powder-coated all over in any RAL colour
  • a set includes stainless steel Inox finished pull box
  • on customer’s request, a laser cut-out hole is provided for any intercom / video intercom (in case of abandoning provision of a hole, it can be made on your own later)
  • it includes a property number in different sizes and fonts
  • potential concreting or bolting to foundation by means of special-purpose fastenings,
  • a gate, a wicket or a span can be attached directly, as in case of a standard fence post
  • multibox is to be arranged as per dimensions, however, the following data should be taken into account:
    • Width – 37 cm to 50 cm
    • Permanent depth – always 10 cm
    • Height above the ground – maximum 200 cm
    • Part to be concreted; about 50cm – depends on the final fence height.

Attention! Intercoms and video intercoms are not sold by the company.

We have arranged an exhibition as part of which a ready-to-use post is displayed; you are invited to the company’s headquarters.