Aluminium has gained recognition and is increasingly used in various fields. Its application is massive and it brings multiple opportunities.

We offer multi-dimension various-wall-thickness aluminium profiles depending on intended use; these are also available along with a partition reinforcement in their internal part.

The main reasons why investors apply such solution include durability and aesthetics but these are not the only advantages. Aluminium is much lighter than steel; it features high resistance to low temperatures and corrosion, as well as to mechanical damages. Additionally, our profiles are finished through powder coating. It must be underlined that they do not need to be re-painted, paint does not chip off, do not go off, do not change its colour and do not fade exposed to UV light.

In addition, advantages of aluminium profiles include their easy machining; these can be cut and welded to one another.

They are perfect as a replacement for wooden rails which do not feature such a long service life.

Quickly, efficiently, promptly.

We run our own powder paint shop, which allows us to quickly implement orders regardless of a selected RAL or wood-like colour.

Other than those presented in the Colour Palette tab colours can be applied; however, we recommend contacting us beforehand to check availability of a specific material.

Apart from aluminium profiles, we have introduced aluminium channels, angles and flat bars.

Orders can be placed for any size; prices include cutting service.

Maximum length of a single section is  600cm.

The most popular aluminium profiles

  • 200×20
  • 150×20
  • 100×25
  • 100×20
  • 80×20
  • 60×40

and so-called aluminium beams used as decorative elements of façades and terraces in modern single-family buildings or as replacements for wooden rafters for example 200×100 and 250×100 summer houses.

Other multiple-dimension multiple-wall-thickness profiles are available. We encourage customers to send inquiries via our contact form.

Placing orders for raw aluminium is also available.