All our products are subject to standard taxation at 23% VAT. However, except production and distribution of guard rails our company provides, for an additional payment, professional assembly services. This option allows you to apply a reduced VAT rate of 8% for the entire order.

What about benefits? Customers who select this option may save their time instead of spending it to look for a qualified professional who would install our product properly. Moreover, some more money is to be left as reduced tax applies not only to provided services but also to the product itself.

However, please note that the preferential VAT rate applies to elements directly related to body of the building, such as internal and external railings or French balconies or balcony partitions; it does not apply to fences. In case of a fence, VAT cannot be reduced even in case of installation services.

However, if you already have a  fitter team or you want to  install our barriers on your own,  you can take advantage of our video instruction manual which is available at Installation  and Maintenance Manual site.

We hope that all the matters have been explained. If in doubt, we will be happy to provide you with assistance. You are invited to contact us by phone or e-mail.