Production of guard rails is the basic activity of our company, due to which we have won renown and have been developing dynamically. We are very proud of our products; their high quality and our efficient services have been appreciated by Polish and foreign customers.

Each of our guard rails is carefully made of a combination of stainless steel and good-quality aluminium – to be more precise, the construction including posts and hand railings is made of stainless steel while the filling itself is made of aluminium profiles, mainly of 100x25mm size. In several models we have added stainless steel pipes as a filling.

Railings are perfect for both room exteriors – as a practical and decorative balcony guard rail or terrace guard rail – and room interiors. All balcony railings are powder coated. Our customers can choose from among colours as part of basic or extended offer. In a standard version, we have chosen the most popular colours from RAL palette, for which several options of a finish (matt, gloss, or fine structure) can be applied. However for our more demanding customers, we have arranged six tones that imitate wood as an excellent alternative to wooden board without giving up natural effect.

A stylish railing to meet your requirements

Our balcony hand railings not only make a form of protection to balconies but also visually give them an incredibly aesthetic and very modern look. Due to a wide range of colours and an extensive range of available models of balcony railings, we can design a product that will meet all requirements, even those unreasonable ones. Our modern balcony railing will certainly be kind of thing of those who look for innovative solutions and appreciate a sentiment for classics.

It is a wow with family,  friends,  and neighbours ????

Here are models of balcony railings that are offered as part of our portfolio:

Major advantages:

  • goods delivered directly from the manufacturer – excluding brokers – best price and prompt delivery time
  • arrangement of orders according to individual dimensions
  • high resistance to abrasion
  • high resistance to  weather conditions
  • no need for cumbersome maintenance as in case of wood
  • matching colours – to façade, soffit board, windows, doors, floors, etc.
  • possibility to combine basic colours with broadened ones (various colours on a single  railing, e.g. entire anthracite plus a single wood imitation rail  and  vice versa)
  • quick and easy installation
  • delivery throughout the entire country and abroad

Balcony railings for self-assembly

Our balcony railings are easy and non-complicated to install. Specifically developed system enables you to order high-quality goods and install them on your own without leaving your home.
It is surprising how simple a balcony railing can be!

Only in our shop is balcony railing available at affordable price, straight from its manufacturer, without dealers.

An exhibition has been arranged as we now have all the models of guard rails. You are invited to the company’s seat.