The partition is entirely made of aluminium or, if it requires additional reinforcement, of a stainless steel frame. Versatility of the product allows for its unlimited use, which allows to address the offer to different groups of customers.

Customers search mainly for a shelter on the terrace or balcony. Owners of arbours and pergolas search for durable and solid walls. Such a solution works very well as a protection against wind and rain; in the summer time it limits exposure to the sun light.

When placing an order, you can specify any dimension of a partition and determine which one will be applied.

We have also introduced an option to adapt the barrier to the guard rails!

You can select between Classic and Solid models, as well as Fender non-gap blinds which is the novelty.

All available partitions are powder coated. Customers can choose from among colours as part of basic or extended offer. Our paint coatings are durable and UV resistant; it guarantees maintenance-free durability for years.

In a standard version, we have chosen the most popular colours from RAL palette, for which several options of a finish (matt, gloss, or fine structure) can be applied. However in case of more demanding customers, we have arranged six tones that imitate wood as an excellent alternative to wooden board without giving up natural effect.


Major advantages:

  • goods straight from the manufacturer – without intermediaries – best price and fast delivery time
  • arrangement of orders according to individual dimensions
  • high resistance to abrasion
  • high resistance to weather conditions – colours do not fade, do not splinter, and do not go off
  • no need for cumbersome maintenance as in case of wood
  • matching colours – to façade, soffit board, windows, doors, floors, etc.
  • combining primary and extended colours
  • quick and easy installation
  • delivery throughout the entire country and abroad