Manufacturer of aluminum fences

Fello company has become specialised in production of railing systems, wall mounted hand railings, and palisade fence fillings. High-quality stainless steel and aluminium are used for production purposes.

We are professionals that approach our customers in a professional and modern manner; our company is represented by competent and experienced employees. We have been continually developing and raising our standards to meet the ever higher demands of the market.

We operate throughout Poland and abroad. The circle of our partners in the field of product distribution is growing steadily.

What is more, we run our own powder paint shop, provide services in the field of varnishing aluminium or steel elements also in original wood imitation colour. Our brand new offer includes various-dimension aluminium profiles that can be successfully used in many fields, including contemporary constructions. Our company is focused both on long-term cooperation and one-time based orders for individual customers.

Fello order steps

What does the individual order process look like?

1. Start your inquiry by sending a completed quote form

2. Initial offer - The sales department will contact you in order to present an offer that will allow you to get to know the cost estimate of the selected scope of work.

3. Site visit* - the next step is a meeting with our employee at the investment site. After accepting the initial offer, the measurement will be made and all details will be agreed.